Remembering Gratitude

Soooo it's fall. Which means Thanksgiving, which means everyone and thier mom will be posting "Today I'm grateful for..." until Christmas time.... Now, I'm not saying they don't mean it. I have no idea thier heart or thier motives. What I am asking is, What is gratitude anyway? In Hebrew it means literally "recognizing the … Continue reading Remembering Gratitude


Finally, Bringing my Baby Home

In my last post I mentioned all the emotional baggage I've been working through lately. As a working mother it can be an extremely difficult balance between home and work life. All these difficult things pile up on top of us and can be challenging to navigate. We feel pulled in different directions, lines get … Continue reading Finally, Bringing my Baby Home

Death of the Vision

Life hasn't been easy these past few weeks. Little E started school, then promptly got stung in the face by a wasp. This led to a weekend urgent care visit (totaling $142) that offered no help for her swelling (thank God for essential oils and ice packs!) before a client consult that afternoon. Trent's truck … Continue reading Death of the Vision

All Is Well

For most people Wednesday is midweek. It usually is for me. This week, Wednesday was Monday. Until then I had been home, tending to my son and myself. I was late yesterday morning because I got my first shower in almost a week (or longer, either way, NOT by choice).┬áIt's days like today that I … Continue reading All Is Well