Nice to meet you, my name is Brittany. I will be the one writing the blogs (for the most part). My husband’s name is Trent.

We have two beautiful children, a six year old little girl and a two year old little boy. I come from a family of thirteen and Trent from a family of six. During the day, Trent works as a Valve Tech and I work as an Information Management Specialist. We take our call to be good stewards over our family very seriously. So for 40+ hours a week we provide for them.

The rest of the time we are mostly spending time together; volunteering, cooking, cleaning OR celebrating our real passion, helping people!

I have many fancy titles:

  • Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula (StillBirthday)
  • Certified Hypno-Doula (HypnoBabies)
  • Pre-Certified Birth, Postpartum and Infant Care Doula (ProDoula)
  • Wellness Coach (All Listed Education and Then Some)
  • Pre-Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist (CARE)
  • Essential Oil Independent Distributor (Young Living)

Trent is also a distributor and wellness coach. His gifting is motivational speech. As far a training goes, he’s pretty content to let me chase knowledge and rack up the certs. Life has been faithful to bring up areas where he needs some study! He enjoys eating the meal planned food we cook on Sunday and going to the gym. In his free time, which isn’t much, he loves tinkering on his truck and playing with our kids. He’s an amazing guy, y’all. I’m so blessed to share life with him.

It would be inaccurate to say that our journey started with Young Living. We were already trying to navigate the diverse (and sometimes confusing) field of natural health. It was just another amazing tool that the Lord provided us. Young Living has a wonderful network of amazing people. They all want to see you successful, healthy, thriving. That is the heart of the company. Young Living’s mission is: Wellness, Purpose, Abundance. First, is Wellness. This is a continual process. Next is Purpose. We were challenged to find our WHY? for Young Living. What did we feel the Lord tugging on our hearts about? It’s also a three point statement!

  • Empower people and families with knowledge and support
  • Be an example of health and integrity
  • Help people discover their highest potential and break the chains of bondage on their lives

These are all things we have had to learn on our own. These are all issues we see dragging our generation down. These are all things we are experiencing or have experienced in our lives and marriage.

Our heart is to meet your need as best we can. It is to offer encouragement and support to you, whatever that may look like to you. My blog will be mostly about my victory over my mental health, uplifting tools and resources for you, and our family’s life. I pray that you can find something that speaks to your situation. We are praying for you. And you.

StillBirthday Certification

Hypnobabies Certification

Raindrop Certification

Applied Vitaflex Certification

History of Anointing Oils and Laying on of Hands Certification

Psychological FirstAid Certification

Bloodbourne Pathogen Safety Certification

Adult and Pediatric CPR and First Aid Certification


Photo Credit Jake Thacker