Remembering Gratitude

Soooo it’s fall. Which means Thanksgiving, which means everyone and thier mom will be posting “Today I’m grateful for…” until Christmas time….

Now, I’m not saying they don’t mean it. I have no idea thier heart or thier motives. What I am asking is, What is gratitude anyway?

In Hebrew it means literally “recognizing the good.” It is seeing the good that is yours no matter the situation.

In Luke 17, Jesus approaches a group of lepers on his way to Jerusalem. They recognize Him and cry out for healing. He tells them to show themselves to the priest and sends them on thier way.

As they went, one leper, a Samaritan, realized he hadn’t thanked Jesus for his healing. He turned around loudly praising God and ran back to Jesus. He then fell on his face and thanked Jesus for healing him.

Jesus was disappointed, even so he told the leper,

“Rise and go your way, your faith has made you well.”

The words, gave thanks in these verses, when translated from Greek means “Good grace”; thankful for God’s good grace.

Leprosy in the Bible is a common theme. It was used as a visual representation of the effects of sin. In biblical times there was no relief, no answers, and no aid for those afflicted by this disease. Their only hope was in God.

Until pronounced clean, the Leper lived in shame and isolation. Colonies of people destined to die alone, cut off, in an extremely painful way.

These men were given an extreme miracle. They were cured of something that, to this day is uncurable. They were given a way back to their families and friends. They were given their lives back.

To look on the surface you see the story and say “yeah, say thank you to God.” But, what about the purpose in healing? Why did Thank you not heal his disease but RESTORE all the physical signs of the illness? His gratitude made him whole again!

When the ten men left, excited and in obedience to Christ, only one man’s healing extended to his heart. He didn’t just want the healing but the healer. This allowed Jesus authority in his life. This allowed Jesus to reach further and deeper in to his situation and reconcile his health and body to reflect one another.

When you think of Gratitude, where is your heart? Is it in the physical? The rejoicing of your healing? Does your praise depend on the situation?

Or, is it in the blessing of God? Is it in the mercy of God? Is it in the Glory of God?

This is gratitude. It is in the relationship. Recognizing that heaven touched earth and thanking God for who he is.

God is my healer. God is my help. God is my redeemer and God is my rest. Even when I can’t see this, even when I have to fight myself to be thankful, even when I have to remind myself to turn around and thank him for his blessing, He is good.

Because my God is good I am thankful. Because he loved me first. He created this world for me. He suffered, died and rose again, all for me. He has made me well but he has also made me whole.

I will always be thankful because He will always give me a reason to be.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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