All Is Well

For most people Wednesday is midweek. It usually is for me. This week, Wednesday was Monday. Until then I had been home, tending to my son and myself. I was late yesterday morning because I got my first shower in almost a week (or longer, either way, NOT by choice). It’s days like today that I cannot express enough how grateful I am for essential oils and wellness thinking!

This weekend was chalk full of wonderful experiences and an amazing word (more on that later!) I spent Saturday running errands and teaching an oil 101 class. Sunday, I was at Lamar Dixon helping a dear friend run her oil booth. I then accompanied another friend to her church Sunday night.

Trent met me there. I should’ve known then something was off. Little T had fallen asleep so he stayed home. He slept all that night. 5 pm to 6 am the next morning. Everyone ended up in my bed and when the alarm went off, no one moved. We felt awful. We all took a sick day. Trent, Little E and I held up pretty well. A little rest and hydration and we felt better by the night.

It hit little T pretty hard though, he woke up vomiting and cranky. His body hurt and he just wanted to be held. Starting then every few hours, I put Thieves and Peppermint on his feet and belly. I diluted it with some heavy olive oil. With his vomiting he needed the extra moisture for his skin anyway.

We use oils daily for a host of different things. We cook, clean, and wear them. We also use them for wellness maintenance as well as improvement. Lately, most of my support has been for my mental and emotional health. Trent’s has been to support his body during and after workouts. The kids get oils for many different things. Mostly, it is to support their little bodies in this big world.

Now, I do not believe that essential oils are a cure all. I believe that healthy living is a strong base for wellness. Essential Oils are just part of my base. In this instance though, Little T was so achy he refused to lay in the tub with me and soak in an Epsom Salt and Baking Soda Bath. He also refused to eat his homemade chicken stock soup (when he was finally hungry), instead opting for hot dogs (I know, but he screamed for them. He kept them down though). He drank water and rested most of the day.

It gave me peace of mind knowing I was able to support his health without distressing him. I didn’t have to measure anything, (just a drop or two to a quarter sized amount of olive oil), I didn’t have to worry about waking him up. I didn’t have to worry about him vomiting it back up.

It is actually pretty soothing for my children to get their oils put on. They love when I perform Vitaflex on their feet. It’s a calming technique I use on my daughter during her meltdowns sometimes. Monday and Tuesday I massaged little T’s legs and feet, I rubbed his back and rocked him. It was almost like having my little baby again. My sweet smelling baby.

Today, He was watching cartoons when I left for work. He was his normal sleepy self. Curled up in his blanket, waiting for his day to start. I kissed him good bye and on he watched. He’s not quite over it yet but his body is improving everyday.

I’ve taken and certified in the Oils of Ancient Scripture. this class is based on a book by Dr. David Stewart. It’s an amazing read. You can grab it here. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a balanced look at Christianity and essential oils. Because of this class I know the chemical reasons why essential oils are effective tools for immune support. (CARE also offers a chemistry of essential oils class, which I’m super excited about)

I’m reminded of a few different scriptures, namely this one in James. This shows me the spiritual reasons why it’s effective immune support. I thank God for this tool. I thank Him that I have a point of faith when things aren’t going well. He knew what we needed before we did and it says in his word “I will use the foolish things to confound the wise” (I paraphrased). So His tools aren’t always going to make sense.

How can an oil help you maintain a healthy lifestyle? God said so. How can prayer save a soul? God said so. So, today I’m grabbing my Peppermint Vitality to put a pep in my step, my Sustain Sport drink mix to help me get back on track. And most importantly, I’m thanking God.

I thank Him for my children. I thank Him that they are healthy. I thank Him for my husband. I thank Him for my marriage. God promised me a life of prosperity, in everything, not just finances. I thank Him for my oils, for clean water for my family. I thank Him for the gift of life and healing that He has so freely given to us. I thank Him that I may be tired, I may not want to get out of bed everyday but He still wakes me up, breathes into me and encourages me to keep going.

I don’t know the last time I was able to just slow down and rest with my son. It was a beautiful, healing moment for me. It helped me come to terms with a few things. I thank God for that too.

I thank God for you, that he put you here. That He chose to place you in this world. I think you are amazing, just the way he made you. I think you’re beautiful, not in spite of the scars but BECAUSE of the scars. Each one a testament of his mighty love, even if you can’t see it or don’t understand it. I speak blessing over you now. Blessing over your whole existence. I believe that Heaven is going to touch you in a mighty way today. It has been touching me since I began this blog. He loves you, infinitely, desperately. I love you too.

Thank you for joining us on our journey. We pray it blesses you, and if you could today, please say a little prayer for my son. Health and healing in him, through him and around him. Abundantly, even now and now and forever.


In Love and Healing,



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