All Is Well

For most people Wednesday is midweek. It usually is for me. This week, Wednesday was Monday. Until then I had been home, tending to my son and myself. I was late yesterday morning because I got my first shower in almost a week (or longer, either way, NOT by choice).┬áIt's days like today that I … Continue reading All Is Well


Speaking Life

Today, it will be a little different. Why? because It is my desire to share with you! We have probably all heard of affirmations by now. If you haven't, then hold on. They are the lifeblood of all the motivational speeches unmotivated people diligently seek out. Some even paying exorbitant amounts, just to feel good … Continue reading Speaking Life

Compassion for….Me?

Hey guys. So today I'm writing from a very real, raw, vulnerable place. Today is a less than ok day. I've been less than OK since Friday. Since therapy. They do tell you it gets worse before it gets better. Walking out your trauma is definitely something you need to be sure you want to … Continue reading Compassion for….Me?

In the Lion’s Den…

Hey guys, I hope your Fourth of July went well. Ours was pretty good. Little E finished up her VBS on Friday. We stayed the night on the U.S.S. Kidd so that was fun. Saturday, we went to my dad's, Sunday we taught Children's Church and Monday we hung out at home. Tuesday we went … Continue reading In the Lion’s Den…